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Teri Howlett is a former professional member of the Guild of Energists.

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  • Evolving A Memory Fragment: The Red Rocking Horse In this case story, Teri Howlett helps a client to create a new connection to his father who died when the client, "Henry" was 4 years old by evolving a memory fragment into an events model, thereby creating a very uplifting and spiritually wonderful...
  • Altering Events - A Huge Improvement EvP, EFT & EMO Practitioner Teri Howlett discusses why she considers Events Psychology a huge improvement in client care, and tells the story of her experiences with standard psychology and counselling, "After a year I quit and got a rescue dog, t...
  • EMO Practitioner BIG +10 congratulations to Teri Howlett for completing EMO Practitioner with GoE trainer Barbara Saph!